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Lintech (Philippines)

A One Man Experimental Industrial Spy-Core Project from the Philippines
“Proto-industrial synthrock with a Darkwave twist…Lintech’s instrumental pieces throbs with the heart of a warrior, and the soul of a shaman”
- Bum Baby FoodShelterAndClothing/The Roadside Bums/SSS Records – Bum Baby FoodShelterAndClothing/The Roadside Bums/SSS Records
“A veteran of the underground movement,”Maggoth” has not only proved his prowess in vocal technicality but more so it is his creativity that stuns even the imaginative mind, This new endeavor he has unleashed will definitely be another Masterpiece even the discriminator would enjoy”
- Doi Porras (Dominion) – Doi Porras (Dominion)
“Lintech’s electronic serenade is laden with diverse melodies and rich sonic textures ranging from laid-back to driving beats with a schizophrenic tempo control that builds to either a climax or a screeching halt. Exotic bits and pieces of sound put together to conjure up a feeling of constant motion or drifting aimlessly as if one is lost. Boundless imagination of soundscapes infiltrated with clever sample and noise effects, like an auditory hallucinogen… you’ll never know where it will take you.”
- Gerard Bumanlag, GothInAsia / – MyGothicHeart
“Lintech is never what you expect… it is dirty, mean and relentless but it is also clever, varied and unique. Old school, Industrial, tech-core all great terms but really as labels do a dis-service to a project that is first and foremost real. Anybody who is familiar with the artist known as Maggs would expect nothing less.”
- Jeff Stoddard, Roughhausen Sept 13th, 2010 – Roughhausen
“Lintech” is coined from the word “Lintek”, a Filipino slang. It is a paradoxical ironic word that can either be positive or negative depending on how you use it in a sentence. In a positive tongue it can either mean “awesome” or “great”, In the negative sense, it is used as a cursing word to show disgust, grief or hate.
"Lintek, Yawa or linte in Aklanon - are names of the devil so when you swear linte, or lintek, or Yawa, you are calling the name of the devil (linte is actualy lightning)
Lintek (noun:) a bolt of lightning. When used in Filipino as an expression, it can mean “Holy bolt of lightning, Batman!” or “WTF!”
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Purnell's Book of Spy Stories
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Lintech  (Philippines)