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Mr Bones And The Boneyard Circus ( Philippines)

SCRAPMETAL HORROR! The band’s tongue-in-cheek self-created genre describing the dark, masterful, and wickedly delightful symphony of sound that is Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus. Profoundly poetic lyrics set to a potent concoction of theatrics and drama; heavy metal angst infused with classical sensibilities; the head-on collision of brooding gothic melancholy and frenzied psycho-billy flair; gritty rock-and-roll loaded with contagious and catchy riffs; plus a touch of sweaty industrial steam-punk. These are the ingredients that make up the explosive potion of their music. 
Formed in 2009, this ghoulish band breathes merry mayhem into the music scene; defying the odds and breaking through gravestones. Their well-received debut album, Horror Scene, earned for them the title Favorite Indie Band at the 2010 MYX Music Awards. Go Go Dance on my Grave, the first single off the album, stayed at number one on local charts for 4 weeks. This was followed by the singles Grease, Gas, Glory and Haunted Wonderland, both of which also made it to the top of the charts.
Since they climbed out of their graves, the band has busied themselves firmly pitching there Circus tent on the Indie scene; peddling their musical freak show at gigs and in dark corners. They have established a very strong fan base of music aficionados in search of something new and out of the ordinary.
Their much-awaited sophomore album, The Great Fall Onto Madness, showcases their musical prowess and creative madness to an even greater degree. Featuring infectious tracks such as Ghost Train – which has already reached the number one spot on Rakista Radio – a more complex cacophony awaits listeners as the album drops in the third quarter 2013. 
Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus are Bones Frankenstein on vox, Lipstick on guitars, Doc Chan on guitars, Rubberace on bass, Wolf on keys, Beast on drums, Jester slamming percs, and DJ Xombie on technology.
Mr Bones And The Boneyard Circus  ( Philippines)