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Limnus (San Francisco)

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Dead to the Living, Living to the Dead
Formed in late 2009, by vocalist Jay M Blanch and bassist Jared Warren, Limnus is a preternatural combination of oldschool industrial rock, traditional goth and hardcore. Willed into existence out of the northern california east bay, Limnus has self-released one E.P.(The Nether E.P.) and has a full length album due to be released this year. Leaving countless stages covered in blood and filth since their inception, Limnus captivates audiences with their abundant stage energy and sinister aesthetics. If you find yourself amongst the living ...prepare to be destroyed.
Their debut album, The Forbidden, was released on July 3rd on Nothing But a Nightmare Records.
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Artists We Also Like
Psyclon Nine, Church for Sinners, Michiøn, Abrasions
Members Jay Blanch[VOX]
Jared Warren [BASS]
Scott Van Oudenaren[DRUMS]
Matt Lawson[LEAD GUITAR]
Jay Ericson[KEYS]
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Limnus (San Francisco)