Eternal Death Wake

Annual  GothIC  Festival By SUBKULTURE


Ode To LaLuna (Philippines)


Hometown: Quezon city, PH
Genres: Rock / symphonic metal / dark art
Label: Inner Circle Production (Indie)
Members: Yue - Drums, Iah - Guitar, Sin - Bass, Selene - Keys, Ishtar - Vocals
A group of diverse souls bound together by the desire to express that which is most hidden in a cryptic fusion that can only be called dark art rock. Taking life, and love to the dark of the night to see it in a new light—that of the moon, Ode to LaLuna.
With a line-up of original songs, Ode to LaLuna will introduce you to the unknown and mysterious but beautiful, good and true faces of love and death.
Ode To LaLuna (Philippines)