Eternal Death Wake

Annual  GothIC  Festival By SUBKULTURE


Subkulture’s Eternal Death Wake 11 Music Festival


Halloween is just around the corner and the best way for you to celebrate it early is to be part of Subkulture’s Eternal Death Wake 11 this October 26, 2013 at B-Side, Collective, Makati City!
As annual music festival held every October, Subkulture’s Eternal Death Wake is the Philippines’ first Goth inspired festival and is recognized by international Goth institutions and the like.
And on their eleventh year, Eternal Death Wake Music Festival will serve the following line up of artists/musicians for your pure goth pleasure: Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus, Lintech,  Ode to Laluna, Corvus Crowley, Scarlette, Switch, DJ Fleschwound, DJ Maggs, DJ Boadicea, DJ Wappbam, DJ Chaos Cradle, DJ Lestat, Dott Seki, and Cinema Explosion.  The Art of Shibari (rope tying/bondage) will be performed by Nawashi Sensei Shinobi.  Joining him would be Philippine Playboy Magazine centerfold of September 2013, Joyen Santos along with Ms. Lucy de 
And you need to be early because this event is FREE! - Free ONLY BEFORE 8PM!  You need to pay only P150 at the entrance for those who will be coming by 8PM + onwards which would entitle you for one beer!
This event is brought to you by Subkulture.  Subkulture is a non-profit music organization founded in Manila since 1994 by Gerard Delarosa, Doi Porras, Liza Gernan, Marvin Manalo, in which they promote Goth and Industrial music thru concerts/ productions / events and online magazine publications.
So for those who want to reminisce the good old 80’s dark, wave music and also to know the present and future state of Goth culture and music, I really recommend you to check out Subkulture’s Eternal Death Wake 11 Music Festival!
Subkulture Productions Presents:
Eternal Death Wake 11 Music Festival (Subkulture Festival Manila)
October 26, 2013
B Side, 7274 Malugay St., Makati City.
COME BEFORE 8pm as the gates are free!!! Exactly 8PM, Gates Open @ PHP 150.00 with one free drink
For more information, please check out Subkulture’s website and Facebook Page:
Subkulture’s Eternal Death Wake 11 Music Festival