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"SANCTUS" derived from the word sanctify is a symphonic-prog metal band born in the midst of summer 2003. It's first line up was Kris on Bass Guitar, Jet on Drums, Jonathan on Keyboards and Caren on Lead Guitars and Vocals. The band graced its music in the underground scene by performing on different productions one of which was IRONWORKS, who, up to now is still active and on its progress in the prog and metal scene. Sanctus dared to exposed itself to mainstream events and started joining competitions, from which they are proud to be finalist of YAMAHA ASIAN BEAT 2004. 
The band was able to make originals with it's songs that tells us a story of love, battle, heaven and kingdom. Listening to their music will make you feel as if you were brought to another land where reality lies beyond. Basically most of the songs are NIGHTWISH and DREAMTHEATRE inspired, since they also cover some of the bands songs.
Along with it the band has changed its line up because of some issues and personal stuff between members and outside sources. Finally Sanctus reborn with it's new line up of members except for the vocalist who has been devoted with the band. The powerful line up consists of
RJ SY - Bass
The band then had a touch of different elements because of the different influences that each of the members have. Caren being the only pioneer left has worked it's way to making the band's dreams come true. She tried to practice and study voice to be able to sing like NIGHTWISH, but honestly it was definitely hard for her to do that since she also does the lead guitars and harmonizes with Joel. It was then when she came up with the idea to sing the songs in her own style. Making it her own identity.
Sanctus released its EP entitled "SANCTUS...PATH TO ETERNITY" last Mar 7, 2009 at RJ BAR MAKATI
CITY. It was indeed a success and a blessing.The band is now looking forward to have its full length album launched....