Eternal Death Wake

Annual  GothIC  Festival By SUBKULTURE


EDW 10 in San Francisco Rockit Room

November 30, 1999 0 Comments EDW Goth Ball by

EDW will be in San Francisco for the first time with 

1. Former Humans (For Fans of The Damned , The Mission UK) coming all the way from Los Angeles ! (Featuring Former members of Ex-Voto, Blood Penny, The Widow etc.) |

2. Tremor Low ( For Fans of Joy Division etc.) |

3. Limnus (For Fans of NIN, AFI, the Cure) |

4. Dominion ( for Fans of The Cure, Sisters of mercy, The Cult)|


1. DJ XIOLA ( Club Requiem ) |

2. DJ NECROMUS (Club Aparittion)|

3. DJ Michael Nibbi 

Music : New Wave- Post Punk - Goth - 80's

EVENT Highlights:

GO-GO Goth Girls
Masquerade Contest (*Create your mask and get a chance to win)
Horror Film 
Celebrating Ten Years !
Get a Chance to be Featured in Subkulture Magazine !
Give aways and MORE !